Welocome to the beginning of our journey…

Hi Everyone,

This is my first blog post EVER. Yep, despite being a Tech Junkie even when blogs where the shit, they never called my atention.

So you must be wondering… WHY!?!?!?!?!

The answer is very simple. We are making a videogame. The whole team is very experienced, but, this will be our biggest, most ambitious game so far. We begin this journey 6 month ago. We made a very small, very humble alpha, and set to the GDC to find one of those sweet publishing deals.

After a lot of meetings, and follow ups… well this are some of the things we heard:

  • Mmmm… nah…
  • Sure, but instead of taking 16 months we’d need you to finish in 12. Nope, no extra fundings for this…
  • 16 months!?! We could get int touch again 6 months prior to release.
  • What a great game!! Will it have online multiplayer? You need that.
  • This game sounds awsome, but can you deliver?

The best answer so far, was. “This will be the best game on the market if you change every level in order to achieve…” (spoiler alert, will tell you in a future post). This was a great advice and it’s what I’m currently working on as the lead game designer here.

So, we decided to go with investors, who do not mess with our creative process. (at least not yet). The problem with this, is that this people won’t take care of marketing and P.R…. we might hear more offers or negociate with some publisher later with a more close to the finish line product, but in the while you’ll be hearing about every step we make from me.

So… this was my last couple of nights….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This might come as a surprise, but I do have a degree in Business Administration so instead of this…


I’m starting this blog to keep you posted. We are posting Friday’s advancement summary at the very least, and a lot more as our schedule allows it without delaying production even more than the redesign had already delayed it.

Now… our game.

Guardian of lore v 2

GOL is a 2D action platformer with many RGP elements, completely based on Native American Mithology.

Our heroe will find a mystic library that holds every piece of Lore lost to mankind in time to see it being attacked by a misterious force. Every level will consist on entering a book to save the story. You’ll be able to save parts of it, or the whole, so there are multiple ways of playing each level.

Out of every level, you’ll be able to collect people beliefs in order to extract from them, new powers and items.

Our next post will’ll be telling you about our heroe.

As a final message to anyone who has stay so far. I’m really sorry for any language mistake as English is not my mother language. Don’t worry. The game will be translated by a pro.


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We hope you come with us on this amazing journey.

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