Side projects, the forbidden fruit of Indie Game Developers

Hi everybody!!

First a quick Update on Guardian of Lore

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Patreon or even here, then you must have realized we are working non stop to move forward with Guardian of Lore. We’re redesigning the levels, redoing the mystic Library in which all Lore will be kept, we’ve met with possible investors to finish the game and well… you know… more human business Stuff.

I can happily tell everyone that we are very close to start with production again and very soon we’ll have a Beta release date hopefully. As always we’ll be posting more updates frequently once production begins again.


So… back to the fruit

Tree Of Knowledge And Forbidden Fruit is a piece of digital artwork by Elena Schweitzer

Yeah, the image is awesome. But that’s not what I meant.

The indie game dev life is full of obstacles. But one of the most common one I guess is the opportunity to make some extra money. That’s why many devs I’ve met has taken a side job or some free lance opportunity. It’s not like they are giving up on their dreamed project. But sometimes, an opportunity appears out of nowhere in the middle of it.

Making a game takes a VERY long time. It’s not easy to do it. It’s mind challenging and of course Budget challenging. So when the opportunity to make extra dollars rises… most of them take it.

In my case, it’s not about money. It’s not about recognition. It was something else. Last week I got a message from a good friend telling me he was part of the organization committee for a Video Game Hackaton to promote tourism. Asking me if I would be interested to be a part of the event. I said of course!! Those things are great opportunities to meet great talented people with the desire to make games.

But after the first meeting I realize that the talent might be there, but at least here is not that well guided. Most of the people on the first meeting had never been part of a team that made a game, or had never taken a Game Design class.

So after a small talk with another organizer for the event I ended up offering to give a small work shop on Game Design Techniques. At least for the people who signed up for the event or anyone interested in doing so, but feels that they couldn’t make any significant collaboration for a project.

Let me tell you, if you ever wanted to make games, the moment is now. You don’t need to learn to code, or draw, or anything. You just need the passion, time and huge amount of effort it takes to do it. Start reading, start learning, because it’s not too late YET.

For me, the idea of promoting Game Design among people who has dreamed of it, but never got to it… It’s a no brainier. So yeah, that’s my side project. It’s not going to make me leave aside G.O.L.. But it has taken time from it. I don’t think it’s a bad thing it’s not like I took a year. It took me three days to prepare for the workshop and I’m very excited about it.

I promise that next week I’ll be announcing mayo improvements on Guardian Of Lore. That is the dream. To end up with an amazing game, with new content, great game-play, and of course, lot of fun for you, the players.


The event…

Any of you who are in Quito next week or who would like to be part of the first GameJam/Hackaton that mixes Tourism and video games in the city. The Hackaton is going to take place at May the 19th and 20th. I’ll be giving a very short Game Design Technics workshop this Tuesday (May 15th) you can check the info on the following Link

Event on Facebook

It’s going to be in Spanish and aims to promote Video Game Development in Ecuador. I’m the only one from Round 2 that’s going to be a part of it as the rest of the team is spread around the globe and won’t be able to make it. But who knows, the next member of the team might be among the attendants.


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