You wanted items? You got items!

(Optional) First of all I’d like to apologize for the long time with no news… It’s really hard to design, develop and take care of social network… but hey, let’s pick up a notch and make the best game we can.

The post today

Do you like playing games where you can improve your weapon? Get a better armor? How about change fighting stiles?

When I first started designing Guardian of Lore I had one thing very clear, and it was that I wanted to give players the choice of how they wanted to protect Lore. So I immediately thought about of course a weapon and a shield as the first choice and then two weapon fighting… but it didn’t felt right… in a 2D platformer, what would be the benefit of having a second weapon in hand. So of course… throwing it was the answer!!!

While playing GOL you can have the option of carring a shield or a throwing weapon in your left hand.

Fighting styles


You’ll be able to chose between many randomly generated weapons and a some unique items, specially thought for you. The image above is real game play footage of the already implemented inventory system. (Although the symbols will be altered as some testing showed there is no easy way for a person to understand them.)

You’ll also be able pick your armor:

Armor Inventory

Did someone said Mechanics?

You might be wondering how all this works. Well, here is a short easy explanation

The Damage provider.

Every weapon, spell, enemy or trap in Guardian of Lore, has a group of types of damages. Represented by the colorful icons you can see in the images and the amount of damage of each kind it makes.

For example in the first picture the spear makes piercing damage for 10 points, and electricity damage for 20 points for a total of 30 damage points to the target you throw to.

The one on the other side.

The one that receives the hit will have three possible reactions to each kind of damage.

  • It can resist it and ignore half of it.
  • It can be immune to it, and negate all of it.
  • It can be weak to, and receive twice the damage from it.

After going through that damage system, some armors will provide a small amount of damage reduction regarding the type of source from it.

So as you see, the armor you chose in every fight or level, will have an impact on your ability to survive it.

Why would I choose a shield?

A shield in Guardian of Lore, is like a wall. Your character will receive NO DAMAGE at all by placing a shield between him and the source of damage coming at it. The shield will absorb the damage until the durability of it is reduced to 0. It’ll be automatically unequipped but not broken forever, as you can repair them  by spending Belief (the only currency for the game)

This is only a few of the many features we are putting into Guardian of Lore prior to the BETA release that we estimate is happening before the end of the year.

As always we’ll be working as hard as we can, and I’ll try to give more constant updates on the matter.

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As always thanks for reading.

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