Rain fire upon your enemies!!

In my last post : Who doesn’t love a game with choices? I explained the skill talents advancement and how they would make every player play their own way. But we barely scratched the surface as we only showed level 1 and 2 of the fireball and how the tree shape of the skill would give you some powers and block others as you chose your way to level up.

This week we’ve been working hard on the final level of the tree and the three options on that level are now available.

The first choice is to turn your fireball offensive spell into a defensive/melee offensive spell.


Upon choosing this skill level instead of firing a fireball you turn yourself into flames.

The fire shield provides, armor, immunity to fire and it burns every enemy it touches


The second choice is a fire storm. Your character calls upon the fireball spell to summon a hell from the sky piercing through obstacles to end your enemies


The third choice lets you keep the one way or two way fireball to hit your enemies and also provides a temporary boost to your main weapon. Fire damage of course. The effect is now working but the aesthetic details are on the way.

Once the Fireball spell is complete and working we’ll start working on the next spell you’ll acquire “Animal Spirit” which will let you summon a Yaguarete in the first level to fight for you, and eventually you can shape it to become an eagle that flies.

The idea is that every spell has something to do with the story in which you can earn them as the Guardian’s power comes from the belief people pour onto those legends.

As always we’d love to hear your opinions on Guardian of Lore. Every opinion and critic bring us a little closer to a better game, which in the end is our main objective.

You can tell us what you think either here or on our Facebook Page

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