Not every advancement can be spectacular…

From time to time in Game Development the team is able to make an advancement in developing that is neither flashy or interesting to show or talk about… yep, I’m talking about bugs, the decision to redesign some boss fight or level or in this case… both.

For the last week I’ve been struggling with:

  • Hiring new 2D artist for backgrounds and level asset specially for the Library.
  • Fixing this ridiculous bug that’s been driving me crazy enough.

As time passed by and I tested the bug fixes for the hundredth time, I realize that the boss wasn’t what it was supposed to be. A test for what the player had learned during the tutorial level.

So, after finally selecting a great artist for the Library and take care of all the legal aspects of the matter, I started to redesign the boss fight as well as some stages of the tutorial. So, more on that soon enough.

For now, the development continues and very soon we’ll be giving final touches on the main character’s animations and that will bring us much closer to an alpha release from which we expect the best feedback (yours of course). After that the next milestone will be beta and of course eventually final release.

As the title of this post tells it, I’ve been working a lot, on design aspect and coding aspects of the game, but there is not much to show about it. Which is kind of frustrating, but it is what it is…

Hopefully by Friday next week, I’ll be posting a small video of how the fight will end up being.

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