Tutorial boss reloaded…


Not long ago, after play testing the first boss and the tutorial itself I realized it was just not interesting enough. I know… I know… spending SO much time on the tutorial seems so boring and pointless…

But that’s the thing… it doesn’t have to be… I don’t intend it to make it like the others levels, where you can shape a story by saving the characters and destroying this pretty guys:


Yep… those nasty guys are destroying your precious Lore.

Anyway, I decided to redesign the tutorial level. Not only to make it interesting as it’s a fact that most of the players usually skip over tutorials and then complain of how hard the game is.

So, the first thing I did, was think about what you as a player should learn in the tutorial and this is what came up:

  1. Move around the game. (Walk, jump, dash)
  2. Attack enemies.
  3. Use of inventory system
  4. Spell casting 🙂

So the boss should test the result of your learning process and so I present to you…

The Library Guardian

A magic conscience designed to prevent unworthy people to enter the Mystic Library.

The art is still an alpha test as our freshly new artist is working on the library (which is looking awesome) and the art is something like this:


This is just the background of the library still with no objects but I promise it has so many elements and objects to interact that it’ll be worth to explore it all.

The next step is to redesign the complete tutorial level. It’ll be short as the idea is for the player to start living this great story ASAP.

My next post will be the Library, with more sneak peaks and of course some background story of it.

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