¡Hello world! Guardian Of Lore is back

How much do you know about Native American mythology? Chances are you are not very familiar with most of the stories. An evil army is destroying the myths! You can aid the Guardian Of Lore in protecting the stories in the mystic library. You may even be able to restore some of the lost ones. Sounds cool, right? Now, the question remains… when will you be able to delve into this fantastic 2D action-adventure video game?

At Round2Games, we’re hard at work, doing everything in our power – much like our Guardian Of Lore, Sayri – to create an indie game masterpiece. Call us ambitious, daydreamers, even crazy, but we’re passionate about our creation! And hope you will be too, once you get to play it! Which will happen soon, we promise. 

Now! Attention everyone! Change is coming to Round2Games! We have lots of news to share. Keep reading for the full report >>

Guardian Of Lore Social Media

Yes, folks, you’ve read right. GOL is coming to most social media networks. Or at least to those you use and love. You’ll be able to find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord, which is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers, in case you’re new to gaming and have never heard of it.

Guardian Of Lore Developer Log

Guardian of Lore Sayri
Sayri looking dashing as ever

Our old DevLog is coming back stronger than ever! We’ll post highly detailed updates on the development of GOL, with exclusive insights into the creation process, screenshots of the latest graphic innovations and much, much more. You’ll find out what we’re working on and how we’re handling the problems that come our way. Sometimes we come up with impressive solutions to impossible situations… and sometimes things just blow up in our faces! You’ll read about our failures too.

Is there anything else you’d like us to share about the development of Guardian Of Lore? You can drop us a line and we’ll make it a point to answer all of your questions in future posts. We want you to be an active participant in this journey! GOL is a vast universe under construction. Some of it has been created, some is under production, some is still in our imagination. You can help shape this universe, your voice matters.

Guardian Of Lore Events, News, Giveaways and Bugs

GOL is taking us places! We’ve been traveling around the world attending gaming festivals and conferences, including the amazing PAX Australia festival, which took place on October 11, 12 and 13. We’ll share our experiences while on the road and, also, information on which events we’ll be attending so you can stay up-to-date on future event – or even pay us a little visit!

Apart from sharing our game development breakthroughs (and, also, setbacks) and recent and upcoming gaming event, we’ll also keep you informed on everything Guardian Of Lore related. From new characters, to possible release dates and minor or major changes to the story line. Whatever comes, you’ll find out first. 

Bugs… those pesky, lil creatures. They are an unavoidable part of developing video games. We’ll share them all – from the funny ones to the truly terrible ones, those bugs that had us laughing our heads off for days, to those that had us in tears. You’ll get a front row seat at the hot mess express.

Guardian Of Lore Development Team

Who are we? What do we do besides spend most of our days behind a computer screen? What are our likes and our dislikes? Are we as cool as we like to think we are? (Hint: we truly are). Those questions, and many more, will be answered. Get exclusive access into our exciting lives! (Feel free to express some enthusiasm. There, thanks, much appreciated).

There is so much going on at Round2Games, we’re beyond excited to share everything! Stay tuned!

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