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Guardian Of Lore @ PAX Aus Festival

Hey, it’s us again! We told you we were back for good 😉 we’re making good on our promise to share everything with you on this amazing journey of developing an indie game masterpiece. Well, do forgive the lack of modesty, we’re beyond passionate about this project! Anyway, as we’ve shared on our last post, Guardian of Lore is taking us places! More specifically, to majestic Australia and their unique PAX Australia Festival. Continue reading for insider info on this incredible experience.

PAX Australia Festival

PAX is a series of gaming conventions held all over the world: Seattle, Boston, Melbourne, Philadelphia, and San Antonio. Each of these festivals is a show dedicated to celebrating and supporting video gaming and tabletop gaming. PAX Aus took place on October 11, 12 and 13 in the Melbourne Convention Center. These are some of its main features: 

  • An Exhibit Hall overflowing with exhibitors varying from AAA developers and publishers (the mid to big fishes in the gaming industry), to the creative indie teams stepping on the scene (like yours truly!). 
  • Panels! We LOVE panels! PAX Aus takes great care to show all aspects of the gaming culture and community in their theaters.
  • Omegathon – it consists of a mega-tournament featuring games of all genres and platforms. 
  • Nightly concerts representing the full spectrum of nerdy music for attendees to rock on with their friends.
  • PAX Rising and PAX Aus Indie Showcase – both feature the best indie games while providing free booth space to those most worthy of the users attention.
  • Tabletop freeplay – a space with hundreds of tables and a lending library where attendees can check out games. Spoiler alert – we absolutely LOVED this part of the festival, we enjoyed many innovative games and were able to get feedback on something we’ve been working on not-so-silently for the past few months.
  • Console and Virtual Reality freeplay lounges – heaven on Earth for most gamers.

Guardian of Lore @ PAX Aus Festival

After a 20 hour flight, we arrived in Australia in high spirits, ready to take the gaming world by storm! Actually… we had to rest first. Eat something. Do touristy stuff too (koalas are some of the weirdest but cutest looking creatures we’ve ever come across). Before heading to the PAX Aus Festival, we visited the DevCon, an annual gathering of Australian tabletop game designers, developers, artists, illustrators, and publishers. There, we met Cheryl Howard, a long time game designer, who showed us one of her latest games, Barnstormers, an excellent game we enjoyed playing.

After our short stop at the Tabletop Game Designers Australia, we went for our final stop: PAX Aus 2019. As we mentioned before, this festival truly is an incredible experience for anyone with a passion for the gaming culture and community. We had a blast exploring every nook and cranny of the convention.

We attended many talks and conferences at PAX Aus. The talk we personally enjoyed the most was the one covering the topic of foreing commerce related to table top design. It made us realize that, despite globalization and the immediateness of internet and social media, the world is still a very large place, and sometimes cultural differences are hard to breach.

We also took home an incredible board game called Tiny Towns designed by Peter McPherson. It’s no secret by now, we enjoy board games immensely, and Tiny Towns is the newest addition to our collection. There were many other board games at the convention with very interesting mechanics and strategies.

Guardian Of Lore Board Game

guardian of lore board game at pax aus festival
Guardian Of Lore Board Game (in progress)

This is the cherry on top! In this August devlog entry, we revealed we’d been secretly working on a board game version of Guardian Of Lore. We created an amazing  prototype version of the board game and took it with us to Australia. Several people officiated as testers and we found out many ways in which we can improve the gameplay and make it more enjoyable and easier for players to win. We’re that much closer to achieving a game we’re completely satisfied with, even if there’s much to be done in terms of design.

We’re confident the Guardian Of Lore board game will be released a few months after the release of the video game and couldn’t be more excited. The repercussions at the PAX Aus Festival were very positive!

Round2Games at future gaming events

We have our eyes already set on future gaming events. Some of the conventions and festivals we have in mind are the Game Developers Conference 2020 (GDC), taking place in March, the BIG Festival in Brazil, EVA Córdoba, EVA Argentina and Game Connection Europe. Call us ambitious, but an indie game developing team can dream, right?

We’ll be back soon with our latest game improvements, changes, updates and – of course – a little sneak peek into our design mishaps. Stay tuned!

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