Bombs Away! Guardian Of Lore Dec 2019 Updates!

At Round2Games, Guardian of Lore has hit a growth spurt and many highly-awaited milestones in its development. Our baby is growing up! And what’s almost as exciting as achieving these game development accomplishments? Sharing them with our beloved indie gaming community, of course! And that means YOU.

1) Guardian of Lore Dec 2019 Update – Sayri’s Texture Improvements

From rags to riches! Check out Sayri’s fine garments, for crying out loud. Our team takes developing with Unity to a whole new level in this character clothing makeover. They even threw a little haircut in! What do you think?

2) Guardian of Lore Dec 2019 Update – Yaguarete Boss Fight Improvements

Are you familiar with Yaguaretes? You’ll get well acquainted with them in the Yerba Mate level! One of our intermediate bosses is a Yaguarete, which is a jaguar with spots resembling a leopard’s. Doesn’t look like the type of feline you want to cross paths with, does it? Lucky for our boy Sayri, he’s well equipped with strong powers and weapons of your choice! Sayri could put up a good fight, though the result of the match is up to your fighting skills!

Here’s the Yaguarete creation process, from the default tiger asset in Unity, to our talented team’s Yaguarete paint over. 

The evil army destroying the Lore corrupts the Yaguarete. One of the challenges we faced while developing this Boss was creating the corrupted options of the character. Design challenges fuel our creative process and drive us to exceed our own expectations. We’re ecstatic about the final results! They portray exactly what we had in mind when we set out to create this strong enemy. After achieving the final version of the intermediate Yerba Mate Boss, we treated ourselves to an afternoon of testing to see who died more times against it. Who said it’s all work and no play at Round2Games HQs? 

3) Guardian of Lore Dec 2019 Update – Sayri is da bomb!

Santa got Sayri bombs for the Holidays! We created a new weapon for our hero – he got to throw them around and approved of the new gameplay element. Actually, he more than approved of the bombs, we had to rein in his excitement, or the jungle would no longer be standing! Here are a few sneak peeks of the bomb in the inventory and in action: 

We can’t wait for you to try out the bombs and see them in action! You’ll have a blast – no pun intended. And, even if you prefer using your trusted sword in combat or firing spells, bombs will come in handy to solve certain puzzles, so don’t rule them out just yet.

4) Guardian of Lore Dec 2019 Update – Behind The Walls tutorial!

“OMG. I LOVE tutorials! I mean, that’s always my favorite part of a game!” said no one ever. Tutorials are boring, we get it. But do they have to be? All join us in chorusing a loud “NO!”. 

We are very, very close to having a playable version of the Behind The Walls tutorial. This secret passage connects the palace with the Mystic Library and it’s the first stop in the Guardian’s Journey. Now, we know what you are thinking… but it’s not like that. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into integrating our tutorial to the game. You’ll learn every element of the game play (and we can’t stress this enough, there are many elements to Guardian of Lore) while having fun and jumping right into the story. Behind the Walls merges seamlessly with the first level to create a well-thought out and deftly executed tutorial you won’t regret playing – and even re-playing! Now, a little sneak peak, doesn’t this look amazing? A maze worth exploring!

5) Guardian of Lore Dec 2019 Update – 3D Modelling Final Boss

After months of sketching, planning, and designing the ultimate bad guy, we have finally reached this stage in the development – it’s exhilarating for sure. Let us show you a few images of the 3D modelling of the Final Boss of the Yerba Mate level. We won’t reveal his identity yet, care to venture a guess?

6) Guardian of Lore Dec 2019 Update – Other improvements

  • We have added lots of new audio files and ambient sounds. These sounds include lightning and rain sounds and falling rock sounds, among others. 
  • Our Yaguarete roars, loudly! The talented Carlos Egas (@cegasound) impersonated this fearsome Boss for a while. The results are breathtaking for sure.
  • We’ve added depth to our stages using a Parallax effect!
  • We have also added screen shake effects which have immensely improved the gameplay!
  • Our Steam page has finally been approved. We’re hoping to have it up and running by the end of January.

This is all for now! As usual, thoughts, comments, constructive criticism and questions are more than welcome. We’ll be back shortly with further updates and news on Guardian of Lore! See you in 2020!

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