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Guardian Of Lore Jan 20 Update – Steam Team Up and More!

It’s that time of the month again! We work night and day on improving Guardian of Lore and, then, share our triumphs and setbacks with you. Well, that was a bit dramatic… we do sleep. And eat quite a bit. And play some, too, who are we kidding! We work hard (or hardly work? When you love what you do for a living, the line is a bit blurry) and the results speak for themselves. Are you ready to have a look? Cause we’re excited to share!

Guardian of Lore Jan 20 Update – Steam Team Up

WE’RE ON STEAM! Say what?! YES! We are finally available as an upcoming game in the Adventure Games section of the video game distribution platform. Guardian of Lore can be wishlisted (please, do!), followed, gawked at… you name it! We’ll also open subscriptions for beta and alpha testing very, very soon (so, stay tuned for that bit of news too!). Our official planned release date is… drumroll: September 2020. ¡It’s so close!

This is so incredibly exciting and moving at the same time. On the one hand, we feel like screaming “we did it!” and, on the other hand, we are fully aware of the fact that things are barely starting to take off. We have been dreaming of this moment for the almost two years we’ve been immersed in creating this incredible universe. And now it’s real. And heck, it’s also a bit frightening, to be honest. We mean, it’s REALLY real. Here, take a look, we’re indeed part of this video game giant:

Guardian Of Lore Jan 20 Update – Becoming Steam-ready

The process of becoming Steam-ready was long and somewhat tedious in a way. Leopoldo, the Creative Director at Round2Games, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration and has extensive knowledge of taxes… still, he had to delve into lots, and we mean LOTS, of highly technical papers on taxes, all while still being a fully active member of Guardian of Lore’s developing team. In the end, he enlisted the help of a bilingual American accountant who proved to be a life savior. Once that part was tackled, tons of forms had to be filled out – Steam takes their users’ security very seriously and goes out of their way to make sure every game is 100% original. Part two down, part three to go! It was time to design the amazing art you’ll find in our Steam page. Which we did, in record time and with amazing detail. We were finally ready for submission. This final step entailed the review of all the information submitted during the previous months by a member of Steam and took a few days. 

And then… the Guardian of Lore page was approved!

Developing a video game in Latin America is no easy feat: the economy is always against us, governments place obstacle after obstacle and, time consuming and costly as it is, it’s also hard on our families. Still, we feel every effort is well worth it! Every sleepless night, every team meeting, every plane trip, every holiday missed… it all translates into this indie game masterpiece we’ve created and continue to develop: Guardian of Lore. We’re very close to seeing it to the finish line! Or the starting point, it all depends on the viewpoint. It’s happening, folks, and it will be impressive.

Guardian Of Lore Jan 20 Update – Behind the Scenes: From Concept to Gameplay

A lot comes into play from the moment we set out to develop a character, a weapon or a spell to the moment it materializes in the game. It involves the well-balanced interaction of illustrators, designers, programmers and developers. Here’s the behind the scenes of the creation and 3D modelling of Sayri’s flaming sword (Beric Dondarrion, we see you staring at it, back off!):

For the Guardian of Lore’s Steam page capsule, we had in mind a special pose for Sayri. We couldn’t find that exact pose online, no matter how hard we looked! We came up with a rather creative solution to our problem… and, guess what? The results were amazing! And we had a blast throughout the process.

Guardian Of Lore Jan 20 Update – Other Improvements

  • We added the initial cutscene to the game! The art is truly breathtaking and, the narration, supreme. Check it out in our Steam page!
  • We’ve added dialogue to every level and bits and pieces of the myths for anyone who would like to delve further into the Lore of the lost civilizations. A prosperous future rests on the complete understanding of the past.
  • We changed the game’s loading screen!
  • The parallax effects on each level were greatly improved for more depth to each scenery.
  • In the fight scene with the Yaguarete: we added the boss’ life bar (we’re sorry, it won’t be easy to kill this dude) and added animation and dialogue to the part where the Yaguarete is conjured out of a book. The character summoning the Yaguarete is not yet modelled in 3D, so a placeholder is being used!
  • Our beyond-talented technical sound designer, Carlos Egas [@cegasound], has continued to work to bring our characters to life. He’s still doing the bad guys, and enjoying himself immensely.

This is all for now! What a ride it’s been! We’ll be back shortly with tons of updates and news. And don’t forget to wishlist us on Steam!

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