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Yerba Mate, Testing and More! – Guardian of Lore Feb 20 Update

Was it us or did January last at least 75 days? Together with these past weeks of February, it was one eventful time at Round2Games Headquarters. While Twitter buzzed with memes on the longest month ever, we were cooped up in our offices (seriously, where else could we possibly be?), having a blast with Sayri and the rest of the Guardian of Lore gang. We accomplished a lot and we’re on the edge of our seats, super excited to share every update with you! So, sit tight and buckle up, this ride is about to start!

1) Guardian Of Lore Feb 2020 Update – Final Yerba Mate Level Scene

Final Yerba Mate Scene

We have added one final scene to the level. It shows you which scenarios you’ve visited and which ones you’ve missed. Ticking this item off our To-do list has reaffirmed the notion we’ve maintained all along: each level can be played multiple times and will lead you to experience different stories. There’s even a scenario within Yerba Mate which, depending on what has been accomplished so far within the game, offers the player different options.

2) Guardian Of Lore Feb 2020 Update – The Yerba Mate Level is Done!

And, after adding that scene we talked about in the last bit, we can say that… Yup, ladies and gents, we’ve completed every single level of Yerba Mate. There’s still some last-minute polishing to do before the big release, but it’s mostly done. What can we say, folks, our long-awaited dreams keep coming true, and new ones continue to unlock. *Proudly hugs computer with an “I made dis” sign around neck”.

3) Guardian Of Lore Feb 2020 Update – New Aesthetic!

An image speaks louder than a thousand words… check this out!

Before the menu revamp:

Old Guardian of Lore menu

After the menu revamp:

New Guardian of Lore menu

We have some very talented dudes working tirelessly to make Guardian Of Lore an Indie Game dream. We think it’s coming along quite nicely, what do you say?

Apart from the improved aesthetic, we’ve added new weapons and shields for our Guardian Sayri to find in the game. They may or may not be well hidden. You’ll have to wait and see!

4) Guardian Of Lore Feb 2020 Update – Testing Galore

If you’re following us on social media (if you are not, you really should! One Guardian of Lore tweet a day keeps the doctor away), you already got the scoop: we’ve been testing the game! We can’t stress enough how much this means to us. We were so eager for testing to begin, we had a run test with a few lucky players before the official Beta Testers subscriptions open in a few weeks. Their comments were insightful and helpful. Overall, they all enjoyed the game immensely and had a hard time letting go of the controller – so, needless to say, Guardian Of Lore seems to be quite addictive!

Beta testing will begin soon! Wishlist us on Steam for a chance to be one of our beta testers.

5) Guardian Of Lore Feb 2020 Update – New Pop up!

The Guardian of Lore’s Mystic Library is huge! It’s an amazing labyrinth of intertwined staircases, with ancient, dusty books, impressive columns, mysterious artifacts and gold gilded mirrors. The player gets the chance to explore the Library before accessing each level, which takes the form of a book. Juanjo, one of our testers, accidentally accessed the Yerba Mate book as he was delving into the depths of the Library and was unable to continue his exploration. 

We added a pop up window that appears just before accessing any book. When the player tries to access each book – accidentally, like Juanjo, or willingly -, a pop up comes up, asking you whether you’d like to enter the book or stay in the library, and prompts you a synopsis of each book. Here’s a little sneak peek:

New pop up window for the Mystic Library

6) Guardian Of Lore Feb 2020 Update – Extras!

  • New sounds and background music.
  • Additional magic effects for some characters.
  • Improved Scrambler (bad guy)! Now, when he’s eating a book (reminder: this dude eats up the Lore! Stop him!), he literally leaves holes on the pages. 
  • We’ve added more bad guys to one of the endings in Yerba Mate (sorry folks, it’s not gonna be easy!)

That’s all for now! We told you we’d been busy 😉 We’ll be back soon with tons of new developments in the Guardian of Lore universe. Stay tuned!

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