The team

Leopoldo Aizersztein

Even though I’ve always been fascinated by video games, five years ago I started to dig into Leopoldo is the founder and Director of Round 2 Games. He has worked on many different projects that goes from Video Games to TV and Movies. He has collaborated and directed many start up project in Argentina. By working on Guardian of Lore he has acquired some knowledge on native American Myths.

Miguel Ángel Espinosa Calderón

Miguel Ángel was born to be a painter (at least that’s what his parents thought when they name him). He has a Bacherlor degree in Graphic Design and visual communication at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador he later got his Masters in Entertainment Arts and Engeneering at University of Utah.

Daniel Alberto Reyes Castro

Got his bachelor degree in Arts and digital technologies at Universidad Cristiana Latinoamericana he later taught 3D Modeling at Universidad San Francisco de Quito. He is so passionate about videogames he even gave up his own Enterprise on marketing to join Round 2 Games.

Joshua Gabriel Peña Castillo

Joshua is studying Multimedia and audio visual production at Universidad de las Américas. He’s been selected, through a rigorous process, for an Internship at Round 2 Games. During the job interview he said it’d be “cool” to be able to play a video game developed by himself… let’s hope he doesn’t get too disappointed.

Carlos Andrés Egas Frías

Carlos is passionate about sound and interactivity. Bacherlor as musical producer at Universidad San Francisco de Quito and Masters in Sound Technology and innovation at Berklee College of Music, he has sworn to conquer the world of sound design or die tryign. WIth that in mind he has decided to give voice and music to Guardian of Lore