Guardian of Lore

What do you know about Native American Mythology?


Even if, like me, you are located in the American continent, your answer will most likely be “very little”.

G.O.L. won’t only tell you stories that were passed down from one generation to another. It will let you live them, shape them and replay them in many ways, as every level of the game is based on a different tale of Native American Mythology.

As you play through each level, you’ll have choices, like saving a main character, taking their place or simply letting the story go on without them.

Story Summary

You control Sayri, a noble prince, who receives the Guardian’s amulet from an uncle he has never met or even know about.

This amulet hosts a living consciousness that leads him to a mystic library in which all of the lost lore is kept safe. But something is wrong: the lore is being destroyed by some mysterious force.

With the power of the amulet Sayri can enter the books inside the library to get rid of the evil army of creatures that are destroying their stories.

Game elements

Spell System

The amulet also gives Sayri the power to concentrate the belief kept inside the myths he must protect in order to turn them into powerful spells he can improve later on.

The first spell you get is Fireball. This spell’s progression takes the shape of a tree, which adds to the main character’s customization, as picking an upgrade on a certain side of the tree blocks other upgrade branches.


Every upgrade changes the spell. For example, Firestorm and Fireshield are variations of the initial Fireball spell, not only making it more powerful, but also changing the way it is used throughout the game.



Guardian of Lore features an inventory system for weapons, armors and consumable items.

Your right hand will always carry a melee weapon, while in your left hand you can choose between a thrown weapon or shield. Alternatively, both hands can be used for a bow or a two handed sword.

Weapon damage is divided into:


Enemies and gear can react differently to these damage types:

  • Receive it normally.
  • Resist it (halves damage).
  • Be Immune to it (negate it).
  • Be Weak to it (receives double damage of that type).

Consumable items are also found during your quest, which can be set up for quick access during combat.

Setting History

A thousand years ago, king Supay lead his kingdom in a bloody conquest none has ever seen before. As no army could stand against his power, victory and richness came easily for him.

Countless lives, entire civilizations considered inferior were lost to the war.

But not everyone agreed with him, his sons Yebichai and Bikeh couldn’t turn their backs at so much death and devastation. They both wept for the losses the world was seeing. They rose together, and fought together. Supay was no match for their combined power and, within a year, the king fell… long live the king.

With the kingdom divided, an age of ruin began, from which it would eventually rise an even stronger empire. Bikeh became a kind and benevolent king. Under his rule the kingdom grew to become a beacon of hope among others. Yebichai disappeared, swearing to save all the knowledge other civilizations cared for. So he created a sanctuary, a mystic library where Lore was to be protected. Common folk never heard from him again.

Generation after generation, every king would have two heirs, one to rule the kingdom and one to be sacrificed to protect the library.

In time, history became legend, and legend became tales, told to children before bedtime.

Engine and platform targets

Guardian of Lore is being developed on Unity3D


We expect the game to be released on PC first, and eventually make a port to consoles.