Guardian of lore

Bombs Away! Guardian Of Lore Dec 2019 Updates!

At Round2Games, Guardian of Lore has hit a growth spurt and many highly-awaited milestones in its development. Our baby is growing up! And what’s almost as exciting as achieving these game development accomplishments? Sharing them with our beloved indie gaming community, of course! And that means YOU. 1) Guardian of Lore Dec 2019 Update -… Continue reading Bombs Away! Guardian Of Lore Dec 2019 Updates!

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Guardian Of Lore @ PAX Aus Festival

Hey, it’s us again! We told you we were back for good 😉 we’re making good on our promise to share everything with you on this amazing journey of developing an indie game masterpiece. Well, do forgive the lack of modesty, we’re beyond passionate about this project! Anyway, as we’ve shared on our last post,… Continue reading Guardian Of Lore @ PAX Aus Festival


So many advances to show and tell

Hi everyone, I know it's been a long time since I post anything, I've been having trouble balancing Design, Art Directing, Coding and life in general. So It's been almost three months since my last post. I have a lot of new things to show you so let's get to it. Art Evolving As I… Continue reading So many advances to show and tell


Tutorial boss reloaded…

WHY?!?! Not long ago, after play testing the first boss and the tutorial itself I realized it was just not interesting enough. I know... I know... spending SO much time on the tutorial seems so boring and pointless... But that's the thing... it doesn't have to be... I don't intend it to make it like… Continue reading Tutorial boss reloaded…