Tutorial boss reloaded…

WHY?!?! Not long ago, after play testing the first boss and the tutorial itself I realized it was just not interesting enough. I know... I know... spending SO much time on the tutorial seems so boring and pointless... But that's the thing... it doesn't have to be... I don't intend it to make it like… Continue reading Tutorial boss reloaded…


Who doesn’t love a game with choices?

Choices, Choices, Choices, Choices, Choices, Choices... In the first post ever made on Guardian of Lore I explained how the choices you make in each level, shape the story the level was based on. You can read it here: The creative process behind G.O.L. A small summary: If in the story the level is based on, there is a character,… Continue reading Who doesn’t love a game with choices?


You wanted items? You got items!

(Optional) First of all I'd like to apologize for the long time with no news... It's really hard to design, develop and take care of social network... but hey, let's pick up a notch and make the best game we can. The post today Do you like playing games where you can improve your weapon?… Continue reading You wanted items? You got items!


Side projects, the forbidden fruit of Indie Game Developers

Hi everybody!! First a quick Update on Guardian of Lore If you've been following us on Facebook or Patreon or even here, then you must have realized we are working non stop to move forward with Guardian of Lore. We're redesigning the levels, redoing the mystic Library in which all Lore will be kept, we've… Continue reading Side projects, the forbidden fruit of Indie Game Developers


The creative process behind G.O.L.

Is anyone else getting tired of having zombies everywhere? How about Pegasus, Vamps or everything else... even if you are not tired of this, you must recognize that they stopped being original a long while ago. Nordic mythology has starred the video game and film industry since the beginning of times. And I'm not saying… Continue reading The creative process behind G.O.L.